Picture a landslide in slow motion

In coffee, Film, notes on March 7, 2015 at 7:24 am

Slower to land. Same kinetic energy.  This is about how things feel these days. Off to Gaillac to deal with films – documentaries. Whether the occupation on Place de la Liberation is ongoing or not, I don’t know.

This will be an episodic post since the only bus out of town leaves soon.



Sivens. The sad part, we all agreed at day’s end: there’s not a one of the last hold-outs left that’s still thinking straight, at this point. Not because of drugs: because of physical and emotional exhaustion. As a result, the ones still holding out are playing into the overall plan i.e. police barricades around a small group that has walked itself into a trap. The small group being the Bad Guys. Meanwhile, according to eye witnesses I have every reason to trust, severe acts of vandalism, not to mention criminal acts such as overturning a vehicle into a ditch (with occupants inside), and keeping said occupants sequestered while the outside of their vehicle gets smashed, go unreported, underplayed, or denied.

Some of the younger and more exhausted hold-outs slept in private homes last night. Others chose to sleep out on the concrete in sub-zero overnight temperatures. This morning, Place de la Libération, a handful of those evicted from Sivens were surrounded by large contingents of police both in uniform and in civilian clothing. This afternoon, after they had been evicted, one by one, from Place de la Libération – and had decided to reconvene outside the old women’s concentration camp in Brens – police blocked off the bridge and the roads leading to that spot.

We all agreed the last hold-outs should have dispersed. But we also agreed nobody thinks all that straight, even after a single weekend out in the cold and on constant alert against attacks.

A useful day. A lot of writing done in the intervals of listening to others. A loss of innocence for the younger ones. A period of intense questioning for the others.


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