of nail clippers and… psychiatric diagnostics?

In Animals, Circus, coffee, Synopsis, Titles on March 6, 2015 at 8:04 am

I’ve enough to do without going off to check the DSM-V to get the facts straight about what is or what is not said in it about the diagnosis, labeling and treatment options available for those annoying contrarians who respond to even the mildest interruption with verbal abuse and the display of their middle finger or more persuasive expressions of their displeasure. In common English usage, they are often called crackpots. With no effort whatsoever, a few names and faces come to mind, several of them in the town where I live these days. Male, female, from all walks of life.

I amuse myself this morning with a mini-episode in which a well-meaning doctor holds out a few pills and a glass of water, in  attempts to persuade one of them to follow a course of treatment. Soothing, calming, the doctor says, while a hypnotist attempts to convey the notion the angry one’s eyelids are getting heavier, heavier, heavier… The female featured in my imaginary skit likes to parade around town with a megaphone when she feels her unassisted (if stentorian) voice isn’t sufficient to get her point across. Since the majority of local incidents end in a peaceful way, no champion contrarian from an opposing viewpoint has stepped up yet to fell her with his outstretched fist. (The male I envision in that capacity would land a wallop on the helpful doctor and the hypnotist too.)

I’m not clicking on the category I’ve labeled Local projects because I know they’ll throw disruptions my way either by phone, email or direct knocks at my door. I also know that, should they fail to do so, I’ll go in search of the latest information on my own – plus, take the time to cross-check my sources, wherever possible. Even people who aren’t subsumed under a crackpot category tend to get their facts mangled when the surges of adrenalin flood their natural reserve.

In dreamtime last night, a helpful woman trimmed every one of my toenails to perfection. I was mighty pleased with the experience. I’ve never had a foot manicure, which made the experience even more enjoyable thanks to its novelty.

Synopsis, girl. You owe it to yourself. No, what did the ad used to say? “Because you’re worth it.” Ah.  Worth it. Yes.


Lunchtime : let’s not get too excited here but I think, yes, I just may have cobbled together an acceptable synopsis. May. Just might have. Somehow, the dog will have to get some billing in the final title, or the artwork, or…

Food time.


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