Given my druthers, I’d feed the crows too

In Animals, Circus, Local projects, Music, notes, proto drafts, Synopsis on March 4, 2015 at 8:13 am

Synopsis. All right. One tiny step at a time. One hell of a job.

Meanwhile, the local nonsense ramps up. Election time for the départemental leaderships. The resounding silences of those who do not wish to answer questions about their record. The galumphing opponents, already raising their glasses to their own victory. Little kids getting threatened and photographed as they try to make their way home from school. Teams of thugs barricading a road, keeping folks from their job, smashing their cars, urinating on the car’s contents. Indignation, calls to resistance, to solidarity marches etc etc etc.

Any surprise if my favorite bit on Facebook this morning was the story of an eight-year old girl who feeds nuts to the crows. Not to be outdone in generosity, the crows reciprocate by bringing her gifts: belt buckles, buttons, pebbles, beads, bits of bone.

Where the children play. A few lines and a few images at this point, nothing more.Precious nonetheless while I pull out my hair on the synopsis from hell. (Not literal pulling, of course. What little hair I have, I keep on my head.)

When not working on local projects, I walk around from one to the other, or wander through my apartment, trying out different approaches to summarizing the story/stories. Somewhat akin to imagining a perfect stranger walking in to a staff meeting (such as it happened yesterday in real life), and trying to make sense of a choice selection of dysfunctional family units and the latest traumas playing out in them.

It takes a worried man to sing a worried song? Except when he’s signing a happy one and that makes even less sense, doesn’t it? However. We shall not be moved, right, Pete Seeger?


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