Ce qui nous lie/Ties that bind

In Animals, Local projects, Synopsis, Visual artists on March 1, 2015 at 11:31 am


What with the steady downpour, I guess the umbrella lady figured there wouldn’t be enough customers at the open air market to make her trip worthwhile. However, the mattress man was there – not that anyone seemed in the mood for a mattress – and hanging above his stack of mattresses? Yes, at five euro a pop. At that price, the wind pulls the umbrella apart or you lose yet another? The grief is bearable.

“Black or blue,” he asked.

Black? Because the weather isn’t foul enough already?


Now that I’m in dry clothes again, I should tidy up the room on the off chance the two girls may show up this afternoon. They insisted; they pleaded. This does not guarantee attendance. For all I know, they’ve moved on to another unachievable dream since insisting they want to write and sell a local magazine. One of the girls is still learning basic French vocabulary. A fancy word such as information throws her for a loop. She wants to write about her favorite stars. After three years of after-class coaching, the second girl hasn’t discovered any value-added benefits to things such as proper verb tenses, spelling, sentence structure and logical ways of presenting your ideas. In all other matters, we get along fine.

If they do show up (and get over their morbid fear of dogs sufficiently to pass the threshold), I’m sure they’ll expect to wrap up their first magazine in an hour, find it printed and bound by magical hands overnight, and then pull in comfortable sums of pocket money by Tuesday, at the latest.

They are both thirteen years old.


Title? dscn7848

From a collection of postal art based on the theme of threads, strings, ropes… Done ten years ago and delivered by the postman. Would any Post Office in the world accept these now? Precious few, I bet.

This has something to do with getting the synopsis right? Yes.


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