Wisdom of the Ages

In Fun, Games, Local projects, Music, Synopsis on February 27, 2015 at 8:23 am

If failure appeals to you, you’ve come to the right place. Mired? Quagmired. My whole inner landscape one huge knot of confusion. Not the elegant knots they taught us Girl Guides of yore. More like a snarl I’ll never manage to sort out.

Yes? Oh, hello and good morning, boys and girls. All’s well if by well, we mean that familiar place where nothing makes sense but we whistle a happy tune anyway. Why do we whistle a happy tune? Because we know this too shall pass. Yes? Yes. This too shall pass. (Don’t think about that piece of comfort for too long. The more this too passes, the less there’s left to pass. The less there’s left to pass, the more you wish some of the passing time would be a whole lot more fun.)

(The second paragraph above provided the title to this post.)

Synopsis,  you ask? Wan smile. Something like a visit to the dentist for root canal work without Novocaine. In other news, I see the doctor I’m coaching in French conversation sent me a list of pharmaceutical products for a variety of diseases and ailments, so I assume we’ll be talking treatments of choice this afternoon.

Apart for yet another brief but intense bout of total discouragement on my part, as documented in this post? Alles gut, as usual. I can’t whistle, so I sing. Happy tunes but sad ones too. Either one, put to music, soothes a snarled soul.


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