His diving coach would disapprove

In Animals, Circus, coffee, Local projects, Music, Synopsis on February 26, 2015 at 7:51 am

Too much padding in his suits? A posture deficiency?  Who knows. Two things I notice in the man’s overall stance : 1) He walks with his arms held a distance away from his body 2) and with his chest thrust forward. Both of these things would affect the quality of his swan dive. Chest hits the water first? Oy. From thirty meters up? Oy several times over.

As for an orderly, uncluttered home bringing joy to your socks, your cutlery, your books and your treasured collection of… of… you know, things? We have miles to go before we sleep, dear socks. I even treasure the ones with holes allowing a big toe  some leeway.

This completes my round-up of significant news items in this morning’s online version of the Nouvel Observateur.


Kilometers to go before I sleep again anyway. In the rain, it seems. As to where I carefully stashed my umbrella so as not to forget it again? An excellent question. Alzheimer’s? Not unless it first struck me in early childhood.


The Synopsis Caper? Ongoing. For a short-tempered but pleasant-enough individual, I seem to have an extraordinary number of less-than nice characters in my fiction.  C’est comme ça. None of them seem on the verge of reforming. One of them may be the sort to keep an uncluttered home but the good luck charm she buries in a basement? I guess it’s best not to rile her.


Even though the Synopsis Caper isn’t explicit about this yet, I still maintain the story wouldn’t hang together without the presence of this one specific non-human entity aka a pet or a mascot. Plus music, of course. In this case, loud and brassy and not much concerned with standards applied at philharmonic orchestras.


Another coffee. Then, another day.


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