A character prepares

In Synopsis, Theater on February 21, 2015 at 8:10 am

“The actor who believes he may one day play Hamlet has endless energy:  the one who sees that the outside world is not convinced he will ever play a lead is already tying himself into painful knots of introspection with a consequent need for self-assertion.” (Peter Brook, The Empty Space).

 True enough for writers, too. More to the point, this morning, the sharpness of focus on a specific character. In reviewing his back story last night, I realized that he is much younger than he “felt” while I wrote his scenes. Much younger. How does this affect what he shows and what he doesn’t show? Clearly, he is the leader in his group. He’s a good leader on the whole, and a natural one. Meaning what. Meaning he doesn’t question the fact he is meant to lead, despite a prior event that almost cost the life of one of his colleagues. Painful knots of introspection  followed, no doubt about it, a journey and a return. Now, in story? He’s at another turning point but doesn’t quite see it yet – which is a damn difficult thing to convey to readers if the writer doesn’t get all the elements spot on. I’ll go on reading through different scenes, cutting and shaping the evolving synopsis as I go.


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