So what’s the story about?

In Circus, Local projects, Music, Poetry, Synopsis, Visual artists on February 18, 2015 at 8:27 am

Synopsis. Getting the mood right. The mood – ha. Please define. Otros lloran, yo me rio porque la risa es salud. (No, word correction, the rise is not salad, la risa es salud. Yes, I insist). Others cry, I laugh because laughter is salvation. A poet by the name of Nicolas Guillén came up with that formulation in a poem called cuando yo vine a este mundo.

But I’m not Nicolas Guillén, even though I use those words as a pivot. Laughing.

The main thing, for now: the mood. Previous attempts at a synopsis on this one: dismal. He does this, she says that, a new horror tumbles out of the closet another implausible event befalls etc.  I can’t even stand reading the synopsis to the end, I’m going to want to read the whole thing?

For now, while other things get done: attempting to get each and every one of the characters’ impressions – beginning, middle and end of story, who are they, what mattered along the way, and whereto now. They’re a motley crew, to put it mildly.

So. Cast list by order of appearance. Small notebook that fits in a pocket. J, what do you want to say? How did you get to lead off the parade i.e. get the first scene? What about you, L? Things that really matter to you. And so on.

The story came about because of the characters. Ergo, you guys (as they say in the States), you guys have got to deliver the Synopsis to me. Capice?

All right. Things to do and, possibly, a re-visit to a glassware museum. Not the one in this photo, but the photo fits in well with what the synopsis should attempt to realize, guys. (The word guys, being very insistent over here this morning.)




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