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In Current reading, Film, Local projects, Music, Poetry, Querying, Synopsis on February 16, 2015 at 7:09 am

Contrasts. Timing. Mood. To whit :

Three local musicians decide to set up a new group. They send along the visual of their new web page – all three lying on their backs with their legs up on the wall, the instruments off on one side. No need for a listen (and none provided). The experience is bound to be from extremely laid-back land.

With a thought to taking in a movie, I watch the trailer for Whiplash. Oy. Insults and abuse as teaching aids? If the trailer version is too much for me, do I want to subject myself to the full-length feature? Some other day maybe, but not last night.

The American Library Story of the Week arrives on email. What can I say? A writing body finishes the umpteenth revision on a novel. Every nerve ending still dangles like a pseudopod. The dread two-headed monster lurks – Synopsis and Query. Time to retreat, and read something chosen by me. Which turned out to be all the notes at the end of my copy of Basho’s works in French translation. So I’d know what’s a waka, a kasa, mochi, and some of the impossible subtleties to convey from one language to another.

Back to others, today. Two hours of coaching for the boy from the Ivory Coast this morning. Two other hours of coaching for the Romanian doctor this afternoon. Nerve endings somewhat in retreat. Respite. Useful.



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