Or something by Basho, maybe

In Film, Local projects, Music, photography, Poetry, Revision on February 14, 2015 at 8:48 am


I love the layout of these two pages in Francis Martinal’s Regard. He chose a bit of Baudelaire for the text. For me, the notion of a Basho haiku came to mind. The thought doesn’t go away, so I’ll probably leaf through my complete Basho at some point, looking for my best match between the words, the drawing and the photo.

Space. Around and between the elements on a page. Breathing spaces. Why I stopped revising, last night and slept instead. Everything was too densely packed in. Space.

Someone has asked me to try my hand at translating some of the texts in this book. A daunting perspective. I’m approaching it sideways, crab-wise. Someone else’s words, in French, to carry over into English. Approaching it, yes, the way you would take a small boat across the stretch of water in the photo above. In a meditative sort of way.

Natacha Sautereau’s experimental film Qu’est-ce que je fais là. A few people left during the screening in Albi last Thursday. Again, a question of what you see or need at any specific time. A road,  plane and train movie. Long panning shots of the scenery with a live musical accompaniment. Even the very long stretches of endless countryside worked for me. They put me in the same mixed meditation mood you experience when traveling for days, weeks and months. Qu’est-ce que je fais là. What am I doing here – at eleven p.m., flying out of Manila; or at midnight, driving through a rainy Paris; or at nine am on a winding country road, nearing home, but not quite there yet. Not quite dropped on the couch next to my luggage yet, prior to sorting through everything before taking off again.


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