In Local projects, Revision, Synopsis on February 12, 2015 at 8:27 am

Does that one word suffice? No, but it’s a good stand-in. Peripheral vision – call it the side-view mirrors. The spots where some attention gets paid to those scenes or events that don’t hog the major part of focused attention.

An important feature, focus. A deceitful one too.What grabs the attention? The main action. What drives the main action? Colour, movement, speed. Watch out, cat crossing the road! Truckload of strippers performing on an open platform! Old jalopy, slowing, slowing, slowing down traffic.

The usual in the media this morning: sex (kinky, kinkier, not kinky enough). Death (horrid, more horrid, less). Financial and political scandals (who’s getting away with what, who will pay, who won’t). Plus endless finger pointing: you started it, no you did, no, you’re the one who, my honor and integrity, no My honor and integrity etc.)

Sidebar (peripheral): why does word correction insist on colour when I’m working on the Word platform, and color when I’m typing here?

Which brings me to my main interests this morning, since I can’t do much about drunken cops beating on/strangling children and other horror stories: synopsis and revision. Synopsis for one story, revision for another.

Peripheral: someone you’ve known for months, letting slip in conversation that she and her relatives are, yes indeed, of that group of people known as Roms. Which brings back to mind a sentence read in the interrogatory of her father (copy of which he showed me): the principal of his daughter’s school “back home” telling him to clear out and take his daughter with him because they didn’t want any of “their kind”. Problem is, not too many people want any of “their kind” around here either. Which makes for tricky living out on the peripheries.


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