Kids – a day with

In Fun, Games, Hautvoir, Local projects, notes on February 6, 2015 at 8:32 am

She peeled her orange and offered me half. Talked about her father buying a kebab restaurant in Toulouse. She’ll give me the address so I can come visit. Then we did the multiplication tables five and six. She’s one of the lucky ones whose family arrived here from the right disaster at the right time.


I see the older brother now that the experts have decided the younger one isn’t much of a learner, and never will be. When the younger brother spots me from a distance, he comes running over and buries his head in my tummy. Hugs me tight and runs off again.


She used to break down in shrieks in the corner, or sit on my lap while I read a story book. This is two years later. Yesterday, she stood in the Principal’s office while her teacher listed her misdeeds. I walked by with something for the Principal. The girl and I exchanged a glance. “You still drive them batty, don’t you,” I said. She looked and looked at me, and gave me one of her snaky smiles. She’s asked to come back into coaching but I don’t know what the experts will decide.


Getting the facts right about subtraction. No, the lightbulb hasn’t popped bright above either one of their heads yet. Too many variables. What you take away from which row. What you borrow from which column. What’s left. Plus, they both wanted to play as a team and beat me at a game called Lynx. Experts be damned, we played Lynx. I can’t say who won because just before I called it quits, several extra chits fell out of the box into their pile. They both declared the Fates were on their side. So be it.


I guess the characters still standing at the end of a story must be the writer’s favorites, somehow. In which case, my favorite characters must have been something like these kids, when they were little.



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