“Scolopendre! Bachi-Bouzouk! Autodidacte!”*

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DSCN7338Neither of the boys showed up for the last session, yesterday. The rain was coming down. I scrounged through old books at the Social Center and came across a copy of L’Affaire Tournesol – one of Tintin’s adventures I must have read when I was ten or so.

There, buried in one of the illustrated panels, was the source of one thread of narrative I followed in the story I finished before setting back to work on this one. How synapses work. The astounding amount of material stored in our heads.


Things coming to an end. Or the realization that domestication isn’t for everyone.  It will be an awkward scene for both of the characters.


The novel, essentially a comic form? The introduction to Iris Murdoch’s The Bell states that this was something “she used to say”. The writer, at the very least, as a comic figure. Same as other grownups who go on playing with imaginary things – scribbling cartoons instead of taking notes at the meeting; improvising sounds and rhythms with their ballpoints instead of taking in the lecture. Actors are comic figures too.

I suppose the butcher, the baker and the candle stick maker are comic figures also, as are the mayor, and the sanitation engineer; except not too many of them seem aware of it. They matter whereas you’ve chosen to play.

So, play.


* Some among the choice epithets Capitaine Haddock likes to hurl at one and sundry.


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