Scene in Progress

In Current reading, Film, Local projects, Revision, Theater on January 28, 2015 at 6:55 am

Man, is this going to be a fun day. Never mind, must earn my keep.

The scene in question isn’t yet. Getting it there will have to wait. Right now, one character plays straight man while the other rambles on about  his life and times – all of it fascinating for him, no doubt. However, he’s not getting much help from the writer. No traction, so to speak.

Must get my hands on an original English version of Peter Brook’s The Empty Space. Between bouts of sleep and bouts of stupor, I made my way through the third section on Rough Theater, and want to read it again in the man’s words, not a translator’s.

Anything else? Yes, something about blockbusters. The curled lip the boys gave me all those years ago when I said: but the story is ridiculous! You don’t go to a movie for the story, they said. You go for the special effects. Oh.

In which case the three-minute lead-in I witnessed in my dream last night is the epitome of great film making. The scene that plays while movie goers are still heading for their seats. The three minutes costing more to produce than most full-length features in “other” countries. The scene was exquisite – meaningless but a gem that must have paid for several people’s mortgage and car payments.

So,  in confidence, man rambling on in a scene that may or may not work: can you tell me what’s so important about staying in this mean little town you call home?



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