System Check

In Animals, Film, Fun, Games, Hautvoir, Revision, Sanford Meisner on January 27, 2015 at 9:00 am

The dog is being good about her solitary strolls down in the garden. Still. I wish I could train her to go shopping. That’s what Alexandre’s dog does in the movie Alexandre le Bienheureux. Alexandre lies (or sits) in bed. Dog brings the victuals and spirits which Alexandre suspends on ropes.  Open window (this is Southern France): Alexandre throws out the garbage. Pulls down his trombone for a musical interlude, then settles in for a snooze.

A first for me, yesterday: shivers so strong, my fingers jumped all over the keyboard when I tried to type. Chattering teeth transposed into chattering fingers. I’m better now i.e. neither the teeth nor the fingers chatter. I stand up and I reel at the same speed as the world around me – what we humans call standing still.

Guilty little secret revealed: the fever, earache and all the rest of it can’t be described as fun. BUT the fact you can turn off your phone? Tell people you are unavailable, so sorry? Provides the bright side to the common cold – or flu, I never know which is which.

So. Let me tell you about the wondrous variety of life forms, both extra-terrestrial and Earth-based … In the beginning was the virus, a tight little bundle of self-interest that must have inspired Dawkins’s theory about the Selfish Gene. Came a point in viral evolution when something else came into play: after the discovery of great life forms off of which to feed, the virus discovered A) Feeding frenzies are nice but B) you’ve got to leave some for the next day. I have no idea how this message got through to the virus and, sad to say, some of them still don’t get it.

All right. The fingers are functional. We’ll take it from there.


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