Polar Opposites

In Animals, Film, Local projects, Music, Revision on January 25, 2015 at 8:09 am

The fact most of the people in the audience knew the film maker in no way guaranteed a positive reception. Compliments and congratulations, yes, because that’s more or less expected – along with one or two snide comments or head-on confrontations.

But the audience paid attention. The film spoke to them, both in the literal and in the metaphorical sense. A small rural area of piercing beauty below a towering viaduct. Old-timers, newcomers, what to make of the encroachments of tarmac and bureaucracy. Slow seasonal rhythms, productivity  as a guiding criterion, and the dying-out of family-based farm holdings.

Lots of talk, of course. The film is based on interviews and, save for the more taciturn among them, the French aren’t stingy with words. Natacha Sautereau’s camera captures the light in an animal’s eye and the careful snipping of a decorative pattern on the local baker’s confections. Bruno Izarn’s soundtrack provides the appropriate counterpoint – no, the tarmac and the pylons are never that far away.


Story – the never-ending struggle at getting the balance right.


Outside: the walk on icy sidewalks, down to market and back up again. Promises some fancy bits of footwork too.



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