How things get around

In Hautvoir, Local projects, Revision on January 23, 2015 at 3:13 pm

Small towns. This one jogs with that other. They exchange the latest gossip – third party hearsay, for the most part. Except the third party is one hundred percent trustworthy.

Only problem: the third party got the facts all wrong.

Or: the third party got the facts right, and the person being advised caution refuses to heed the warning.

Or: the third party never thought the information would get relayed /didn’t realize the import.

Or: the third party has an unsuspected agenda.

Who’s telling it as it happened? Who isn’t, and why?

(Good to  have the rest of the day to work out these equations in fiction rather than in real life? And how. The toughest part for me: keeping track of the wider picture while not losing track of the telling details.)


The next day:  today, working on the story struck me as more interesting than adding to the notebook. Given the number of times I’ve been through the story, the test is pretty simple: if something drags, I cut and set aside. Heck, if a character’s boring me, I hate to think what he or she will do to someone else.

Closure. Closure. Who gets away with murder. Who doesn’t.


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