The snakes, arrows, zig-zags and polka dots of outrageous fortune

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Sometimes, you can’t do much besides scratch your head. That former heads of State go on benefiting of a chauffeur-driven vehicle and police protection? Mmmm… all right. But… safes? Furniture, rentals, office equipment, staff, to the yearly tune of a million or so euro? While heading an opposition party, yet?

The savory touch: the man’s lambasting of the welfare state – you know, all those bums sucking the country dry with their subsidized housing and unemployment benefits.

mon dieu. “Had Monsieur Sarkozy come in the day…”


Colorful? Vibrant. The clothes, the furniture, the artifacts. There was a tricky access to the shop: a narrow wooden plank, painted white with black polka dots. Glancing down: not recommended, especially since, earlier in the dream, someone had specified the drop was a full mile. Had anyone ever survived a mile drop, the dream voice inquired?

The dreamer didn’t know but didn’t care to check.

The whole mood and coloring of the dream: a mix of Roadrunner and of Krazy Kat. Yes, come to think of it – the colors and patterns, much like those in Pueblo Indian art.


Yes? Link with ongoing revision/moodling on next story? No idea. A mood thing, maybe. Mysteries relating to dreamtime endocrinology.


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