Signals – a note lest I forget

In Drafts, Hautvoir, notes, Revision on January 16, 2015 at 9:04 am

Not that I’d planned to write something, then set it aside for years before taking it up again. But I’m pleased that’s how it has worked out.  It will be a stronger story than it was.


A lot of hand-wringing going on. Calls to arms. Calls to action (we must do something! We have failed utterly!). New, better Civics classes. Better, more stringent controls. Etc etc etc. If anyone can demonstrate how better Civics classes will make for better citizens, please stand up now, and point me in the right direction. How a bored or angry teacher pounding away on the themes of Brotherhood, Freedom and Equality will make for a better world, I don’t see. The same old do as I say with a new photo in the textbook.

Answering the questions when they come up makes more sense to me than sitting the kids in neat rows, and insisting they say what you want to hear.


Meanwhile, as revision proceeds on the four-year old text, elements gather for the Volume 2 story. I encounter one of those elements every time I let my computer idle for a while. A stronger signal from a wireless service provider cancels out my internet connection. I must re-set the connection. The back story concerning the other signal: fascinating. A local friend stumbled on it by accident. It ties in with other fascinating bits of local political lore.

But the characters in Volume 2 aren’t ready to grab the scene yet.


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