How do you say hello in your language?

In Dance, Local projects, Music, Poetry, Revision, Theater on January 15, 2015 at 7:20 am

English conversation sessions with a dancer-choreographer.

This time, we listened to some online audio books. Different voices, different accents. Don’t concentrate, I said. Don’t even try to understand what they’re saying. Do you like the voice, the rhythm? No? Choose another. Fifteen minutes every day. While you’re doing something else – dishes, sorting papers. Every once in a while, a word or a sentence will grab your attention. You’ll find yourself drifting along with the reader’s voice.

Choose a book on my shelves. One in French, the other in English. Open them. Take in a page of writing. Don’t read. Take in the page – how it looks, how the words hold your attention or don’t. The ones you notice – how your eyes skim through the French. Now, the English.

She chose The Tempest. Opened at random. We talked about Shakespeare, in English. I read two excerpts out loud. “What did you understand?” – She laughed: “Nothing. But I like the sound.”

A book. Any one that appeals. Never mind the reason. Open it at random. Read in your mind. Don’t worry over your mind making the right sounds or not. Read the way small children do, tracing the words with their finger, getting used to their shape. They don’t look the same in another language.

All this, we exchanged in English.


What? Revising again? Yes, but not the same story. One I wrote about four years ago with the notion of doing a sequel. The sequel’s shaping up on the back burner. The original: getting some tweaking.

Full full day ahead.


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