Fiction. Please.

In Drafts, Local projects, Poetry, proto drafts, Querying, TV on January 12, 2015 at 7:31 am

Thank you, thank you, thank you.*

Yes? Anything else?

Yes. Plenty. Making my whey – sorry, my way – out from under tons of words and images. Like most people in this country who weren’t at sporting events, I was either out in the street or glued to my screen. Torrents of more words and images, ready to land the minute I turn to Facebook. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

So glad I don’t own a TV, after watching some of the live coverage from Paris yesterday. Endless pitter-patter – live coverage means lots of time waiting for something to happen. Lots. Back to the newspapers – analysis, hand-wringing, the Prophets of Doom mixed in with the sobering Lest We Forget. Etc. As for the social networks, the less said the better.

Fiction in all this? A bad day for fiction.

So. Monday morning, things to do. First up: extracting myself from other people’s expectations, desolations, anticipations and prognostications. Second up: reminding myself my personal cast of inner characters does not include  any god-like one, nor any world savior. Third up

Third up, I stop, look around me. You are who you are, woman. Not about to get a pair of black enameled phony fingernails that read Je Suis Charlie. Not about to fall down laughing at the more outrageous forms of humor out there. Not about to respond to any call to arms from any faction whatsoever.

A sixty-eight year old woman who likes irony, decent manners and well-crafted words. Go forth, do what I can, and laugh at myself any time I imagine I can do more than poke fun at myself, write with my own words – and let others deal with their own cast of characters.

Allez. Kids to see. Then home to get my bearings. Finding my whey through the mass of words. Querying. More kids. Etc.

Oh yes. The cartoon that appealed most to me yesterday, by Bourhis :

bourhis02 translation : Policeman: Surrender and you will be entitled to a social insertion program and civics classes. Spokesman on roof : “Yes, all right, we are becoming aware of the fact our vision of living together is perfectible.”


* thanks addressed to Guy Wetmore Carryl’s Little Miss Muppet – sorry, Little Miss Muffet


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