Querying: start with an invocation to Ganesh, maybe

In Animals, Local projects, Querying on January 7, 2015 at 7:38 am

Today’s marathon starts at ten am and should end somewhere around eleven pm. I sense within me a growing love of rambling walks. However.

The good news about the useful and necessary staff meetings: they are limited to once a month. Useful and necessary but a two-hour concentrate of human misery needs some dilution with other things, especially when followed by a further hour of hands-on experience with same. The peak moment in the boy’s day (week, month): when I snapped his pic. Ah! Positive attention!  Then, back to misery and down, downhill from there.

Watching the emotional storm land on the boy isn’t much fun but it is fascinating in an awful way. I keep trying to identify the moment when I might make a difference in the outcome. Haven’t found it yet, and neither has anyone else. The other fascinating thing: once the freakishness ends, he’s as if it had never happened. Problem is, the as-if ends just as quickly.


Will there be time to start the next round of queries today? Between now and ten am? Using which of the time-honored techniques: careful perusal of websites, requirements, published authors or a variation on spin the roulette wheel and see where it stops?  Must think on these things, but not too long or I’ll,  yes, get lockjaw of the will. Will of the go-forward kind, not will as in testament, although I have to see a notary about one of those, too.

An invocation to Ganesh of the single tusk and whose vehicle is a mouse, that’s what the website says. Way to go, Ganesha. But first, I walk the dog.



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