In Local projects, Synopsis on January 5, 2015 at 7:50 am

A serious day ahead? There is that risk. Back to school, to appointments, to administrative stuff. Moodling time curtailed. No time for long reading rambles, exploring other people’s worlds, or checking out the sound of someone’s voice. As it turns out, the genius-mathematician-turned-hermit Grothendieck was a light tenor, voice-wise. Does this matter in the overall scheme of things?  Does it matter that a specific cloud of cosmic gas suggests the color and texture of a fox pelt? Maybe not. It does anyway.

Walking down the road, why is your eye attracted to this pebble and not that one? Or to a piece of stone in a wall. On my way to market yesterday, I stopped and gazed at one for a while. The rain brought out the beauty in it. Beauty – how do you define it apart from saying it’s something with the power to arrest you, stop you in your tracks, and force you to take time out from the appointments, the things to do, solve, pursue…

Useful. For whom and to what purpose? (Yes, I’m taking full advantage of my early morning moodling time. Questions for the fun of them, the way kids drive parents batty with the next why-why-why.)


The synopsis – some four hundred words longer than the fifteen hundred word standard set by most agencies. If the day proves frustrating enough, impatience will make me cut it down this evening. I sympathize, agents and trainees, but when in holiday mode, I find the rambling more interesting than the destination. C’est comme ça.


Oh yes: plus phone calls, letter writing and a bit of translation for a friend. Repeat after me: Useful, Purposeful, Goal-oriented, Productive… ‘Tis the first Monday of the new year. Please rise for the National anthems. Pledges.  3-2-1, Go.


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