Lies, cover-ups, delusions, and…

In Food, Local projects, Revision, Synopsis on December 28, 2014 at 8:37 am

Institutional violence is awful, of course, whereas institutional kindness is plain depressing. Gather ye all have-nots and partake of… well, of whatever we decide to give you.  Including a karaoke-type entertainer and enough fat and sugar-laden sweets to insure at least one case of cardiac arrest – if not at the community hall, in someone’s private home, for sure.

I didn’t stay for long. Walked around instead. The rain had stopped. Threatens again, this morning.


The not-much-fun parts of writing include the reading of your own words by others. The thumbs down or the squirms. The straight-out put downs. The attitude that says: this is the best you can manage?

I envy the writing machines – meaning those writers who churn out the stories, oblivious to their own limitations. Both their agents and their publishers manage to earn their keep with them, so I guess the limitations don’t bother them much either.

Along with outside comments, the synopsis is the closest the writer gets to seeing her own work as others might.  I read through yet again yesterday. Am I sick of reading and revising? Yes. Has the story finished with me yet? I’m afraid not.

Sometimes, the whole thing feels like attempting to sculpt something out of clouds and their shadows.


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