Con gusto

In Artists, Circus, Current reading, Local projects, Sanford Meisner, Theater, Titles on December 24, 2014 at 8:59 am

Looks like I’m out of sync this year, as far as cuteness goes. I’d be willing enough to hop on to the bandwagon if the platform weren’t so narrow. Best Wishes getting bandied about like in a Two-for-One sale. You have to be in a special frame of mind to stay extra-focused on the jollity of it all.

Circles. The inner edge, the outer one. Consideration. How far does it extend?


Blogs and Facebook are great platforms for a town hall meeting approach to conviviality. With little pockets here and there, where the less-fortunate or heartbroken ones exchange whispered confessions. When those get picked up by the loudspeakers, people titter, or pretend to be shocked. Some don’t pretend at all. They decide the whisperers should be banned from town hall meetings, period.


Puppetry. The art of. The best part of getting small translation jobs: learning all kinds of things on topics I’d never explored before. The techniques. The traditions. How they evolve. One such project landed on me just before the Holidays. It makes a good companion for the times alone at home, while the brain sifts through other matters relating both to real lives and to fictional ones.


Unpredictable: I won’t know until this evening if I’m spending a quiet evening at home or joining a family for the Christmas eve réveillon (midnight meal). People born and raised in nomadic cultures don’t hold to  appointments the same way sedentary ones do. Which makes for misunderstandings where expectations are concerned.


Ah. Expectations. I thought you meant. But I thought you said. I only wanted to.


Re-read Chekhov’s Cherry Orchard last night. Sanford was right. Chekhov is one tough number for actors. “Chekhov,” Meisner says. “But look how difficult he is. A line says, ‘Ivan, bring me a pound of tomatoes from the market,’ and the stage direction reads, ‘She bursts into tears.’ ” The class laughs. “Yes, he’s wonderful, but there’s no question but that he’s very difficult!”


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