“Build your Nest at Dawn”*

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Next up: the vexing question of the title under which this story must now sail forth in search of a harbor.

The question is so vexing, it leads to the evasive scratching technique dogs apply when humans stare at them for too long.


But it’s all right, I say. We’ll see each other after the break.

No, no, she insists over the phone. I said I was inviting you to lunch today. I’ll pick you up at twelve thirty.

Her voice: as enthusiastic as a deflated balloon. ’tis the season for jollity, god dammit, you will sit there and you will enjoy the food, you hear me? (To be on the safe side, I go out and spend too much on something to bring along.)


Poems streaming in my head. Some Shakespeare too.  Some nonsense verse. Hodge podge. Does a title lurk somewhere in the mix? How about Hark! Who goes there? Or: When the red red robin comes bop-bop-bopping along (along). Ah: Echolalia? Tinnitus?Hm…Whoosh? No.  How about Honk went the swans? Or…


* “Build your Nest at Dawn” is the first line in an Albanian poem by Din Mehmeti. I have no idea what else the poem says but every time I want to sound sagacious these days, I look the person in the eye and say it in French : “Construis ton nid à l’aube.”

It keeps them perplexed. They nod and wonder.


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