In Local projects, Revision, Sanford Meisner, Theater on December 20, 2014 at 7:11 am

Not that I have special powers of divination when its comes to other days, but this one is even more unpredictable than others. I’ve never directed a group of non-actors through a public reading of their work; even less in front of an unsuspecting audience. Best not to think too much about it.  We’ll spend the morning rehearsing, tweaking and doing a dry run through the library. Then, whatever happens.  Then, an early evening goodbye to a friend leaving for a two-year stay in Brazil. Then, then, then.

Hokusai. His ideal one. A water tower ascending, caught as the tip curls over ready to crash down. Real waves don’t stand still.

This will have to do as this morning’s moment of profound pronouncements. Many, many more mundane things to do between now and eight-thirty, such as taking out the garbage in driving rain.

(Finished reading Vargas Llosa last night. Wunderbar. Did I finish my own story? I think so.)


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