Day Off, Morning, before everything speeds up

In Film, Food, Revision on December 19, 2014 at 9:15 am

Looking out the window and laughing. I should be washing, dressing, preparing to ride out to the supermarket (yay! a lift! Stocking up on the bigger/cheaper bags of dog food, detergent, etc!).

In fact, I’m sitting here, savoring the delicious moment of first-morning-off-the-work schedule. Time will speed up again but nobody knows how delicious sleeping in can be, except for those who do it on an irregular basis.

Am I forgetting the piece of writing in need of a final look? No. I’m carrying it around with me, tucked in with the shopping, the meetings, the dinners with friends (oh, the fireworks when the discussions get going – non French-speaking onlookers might imagine there’s a full-blown fist fight about to break out, until the laughter erupts. As the saying goes:  Ils sont fous, ces Gaulois.)

A quick look at newspaper headlines. Read in TNYT: Secret Service Needs More Agents, Report Says. Mon Dieu. Maybe the agencies could assign one agent to each citizen? Or settle on the good old practice of neighbors reporting on one another. “There were three men and three women sitting in the kitchen. I saw them through the window. They were laughing and pointing, and displaying large posters. The faces on the posters looked foreign.”

The agency report would read : The manager of the local cinema, offered her the choice between three extra-large posters (wall-sized, in fact), part of a series done for the screening of Wim Wenders’ film on Selgado, the Brazilian photographer.  She passed on a magnificent but violent scene – didn’t like the thought of walking into her apartment only to stare at a scene of anger and mayhem, no matter how well photographed, she said. She hesitated over a monument of an iceberg, and settled for a South American man in a Christ-like pose.

In fact, with a sufficient number of agents spying in on other agents so as to report on their every mind hiccup, you could get something quite like Facebook.

Allez? Allez.




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