Blessed be the innocent

In Animals, Circus, Film, Fun, Games, Hautvoir, Irish Mist, Local projects, Music, photography, Revision, Sanford Meisner, Scene Prep, Sundays on December 14, 2014 at 9:02 am

Where to begin. With snowflakes, why not. Years – nay – eons after the loss of a precious book of photos done by a man who stood outside in the cold for hours, capturing the stunning variety of ways in which water vapor can crystallize, I’ve made a chance Facebook encounter with a Russian photographer who captures the phenomenon again. Looking at his photos, I tend to fall into a trance-like state. Not much free time available for trancing, but when the photos flash through my mind, I feel good. Call it the millisecond high. Something like the polar opposite of micro black holes that grab us unawares, like a dense molecular cloud.

After the workshop yesterday, following the incident of my driver backing off the ramp leading onto the highway, and preceding her next bit of brinkmanship,  I went into a longer version of the millisecond high. Not a trance state, exactly. The Moment of Zen state – as in suspension of disbelief. The kind that makes people say: “I can’t believe this,” when, in fact, they should, and as fast as they can.

In cartoon simile, think of an avalanche starting above a skier and developing into a huge snowball. Instead of the skier getting flattened or rolled into one of the ball’s inner strands, lo! he skies downhill on the expanding monster. (This last inspired by one of the kids this week, whose class assignment was the reading of Tintin au Tibet. Wherein an avalanche occurs, not to mention an encounter with a yeti. An avalanche, he said, discovering the word and the concept. Why don’t they wait for it to be over? Why indeed. I dedicate the title of this blogpost to him.)

How will this affect my next encounter with my characters? Let’s just say that, added to the hint of a smile mentioned in yesterday’s blogpost, the writer will now attempt to convey a few of those millisecond highs, and microsecond black holes. Suspension. Of disbelief. (Is the suspension bridge trustworthy? The whole point is in finding out, isn’t it? Considering you want to get to the other side of the chasm, and the charging yeti is only seconds ahead of the thundering avalanche. Wait! the child says. Hide behind the boulder. Wait for the avalanche to fill the chasm, and walk across the snow. What a dummy. How could I fail to see what any child can figure out? The boulder. Of course.)


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