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The kid is four or five months old now. Her mother is the principal at the local Pre-schooler school. Her daddy runs the local cafe that stages live performances. She has the neatest pair of baby ear protectors I’ve ever seen. After working hard at the zippers on my camera bag, she konked out in a friend’s arms, with her tiny hand resting on the glass table, and got carried to bed by mommy. Meanwhile, some intricate guitar picking and washer board tapping went on. People danced, clapped. At break time, I collected signatures prior to a visit at City Hall next week.

After the show: fresh arrivals and a long gab fest with them. The owner of one of the local tea houses had closed for the night, and migrated over with some of his customers. Among them: one of the men with whom I worked in a now-defunct “social insertion” program. We shared some of our stories about the place. What has become of so-and-so type of stories. Ah, fiction. The only thing that compares is a gab fest around a crowded table when some of the stories get shared without need of verbal precautions (A) and sometimes, with no need for further emphasis than the slightest hint of a smile (B).

As is the case with many clever ideas, the make-work programs have a built-in defect. The defect relates to their two primary purposes: lowering unemployment statistics and providing cheap labor on short-term contracts. Will an employer then move the worker on to a permanent job at higher cost when he can hire another short-term worker and send the previous one packing? Putting the question is the same as writing down the answer.

Nu: this doesn’t tell me why two fictional characters are dawdling at Blagnac Airport. I understand they don’t want to call it quits then and there. They have my full sympathy, both of them. If I had a suitable deus ex machine in the upper reaches of Blagnac Airport, he/she/it would show up just about now. Nu? Hallo? Deus?

Sleeping on the job. Deus was on a short-term contract too. A fast worker. Got the whole job done in six days. Been resting ever since. Want to bet he’s like all those other bums, drawing social benefits while the rest of us slave away, burdened by taxes etc etc.

Speaking of taxes: Lux Leaks is required reading. Lux Leaks or how the multi-billionaire corporations manage to pay taxes on five percent of their earnings and play with the rest. Maybe God should have fiddled a bit longer on the details instead of sending down his Son for post-delivery adjustments?

Still. Multi-billions don’t buy you the hint of a smile at the end of a tale.


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