Wonder, surprise (and amusement, whenever available)

In Artists, Circus, Hautvoir, Local projects, Music, Poetry, Revision, Visual artists on December 12, 2014 at 9:15 am

Maybe you didn’t set out with the long haul in mind. Maybe you thought this would be a day trip or a trek on a pre-determined path and with experienced guides at your side. Maybe the trip started that way. Maybe something unexpected happened and transformed the short break by roadside into a semi-permanent settlement.

Be that as it may, once something turns into the long haul, you need something other in the mix, besides determination and spurts of enthusiasm, indignation, anger, joy, longing etc. You need something like the marvelous old-fashioned heating device I saw at a friend’s home yesterday evening. In some countries (Russia among them), people used to sleep on the top of these contraptions. The principle is simple enough: a wood burning unit encased in a heat-retaining mantle. Central heating of a pleasant, quiet and relaxing kind. Close to it: a place to sit, talk, have a beer, make plans, laugh a bit. The long haul. Requires  time outs. Besides; whether you’re traveling or staying put, the earth is the one hurtling through space. If you like the view at any point, might as well enjoy it while it lasts. Same principle applies to every tourist: forget about “I like this, I’ll come back for it later.” You won’t. You’re on a one-way trip.

Long pauses this morning, to look out the window. Lots to do? Yes. Among them: admiring the shades of beige, ocre and grey on the house across the street. It rained overnight. The sky is clearing up. The colors have a gorgeous vibrancy with each detail picked out and molded by its shadow. Glistening roof tiles, reddish-brown old shutters, grey lead drainage pipe, cream-colored facade.


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