Bit by bit by bit

In Animals, Artists, Local projects, Music, Revision on December 1, 2014 at 9:53 am

Basic realities: paper work; billing; level-one upkeep on housing unit. That kind of stuff. Monday morning, in other words.

Basic realities in story: making the experience worthwhile to the last of the final words or else, why bother?


Will this be a sequential posting? A bit this morning, a bit later in the day?

A bit this morning: done. I bit later:


“He doesn’t need to worry,” the woman said. “We have copies of all his papers.”

“Still,” he said, after she left. “If you can make photos, and keep them? In case anything goes wrong.”*

So I photographed the precious papers, and helped him with his French assignment. A variation on the Chinese portrait. If you were an object, you would be a …. because…

His answers: If I were an object, I would be a house so the homeless would have a place to stay.

If I were an animal, I would be a horse so I could carry people who don’t have a car.

If I were a fictional character, I would be Jean-Claude Van Damme (who’s a real actor but let’s not get picky) so I could beat up the bad guys.

If I were music, I would be reggae by Bob Marley because he sings No Woman No Cry. **

If I were a leisure activity, I would be rugby because I love it.

* “When I hear someone couldn’t get his papers, I feel a shiver in my heart. Papers matter so much here. Papers are everything.”

** Why No Woman No Cry. He provided the following explanation: “I don’t understand the insults I hear from some of the boys. In my country, you insult someone’s mother, you don’t do it ever again. Women suffer for us. Our mothers suffer. Our fathers, not so much. That’s why I like this song.”

OK. Beating up the bad guys isn’t such a grand idea. He agrees Still… I suppose a lot depends on what you call a bad guy, and what you call beating him up. And that depends a lot on where you come from, and what the bad guys are up to in your neighborhood.



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