Be not afeard? (Or whistle when you are)

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We agreed on a few essential things, my circus friend and I: our job (and our personal inclinations) aren’t conducive to Do-gooding.

Do-gooding i.e. yes, of course, we must help these poor, unfortunate people. For instance, we must collect funds for them, and have them flow through the appropriate channels. Appropriate in what way? Well, we must insure these poor, unfortunate people  make proper use of the  money. Such as? No carbonated drinks for their children? A proper show of gratitude?

We also agreed there was a lot of good advice flowing from the national organizations, but not all of it made much sense at the local level. Public support for the family from those elected members of Council who showed up last week to protest the family’s eviction? Will not happen. They made it clear they were there as private citizens and could not/would not take a public stance on the issue.

(The family’s appeal for refugee status has been denied. The start of a battle for the right to stay here on other grounds. Refugee status denial is practically automatic, now that the government has officially declared their country of origin as “safe”.)


I’m writing this with one eye on the window. Overhead, the clouds have a yellowish tinge; further off, they are the color of lead. So far, we’ve escaped the cataracts of rain reported further South. May do so again.



Plantations going on this week on the site at Sivens where a young man died and thousands of trees were razed down. The whole barrage project now under investigation by the European Union.

Personal note to me: Energies. Where to put my own to best use.


I note one of the local news sources is down this morning. One whose coverage of the whole Sivens issue is particularly critical of the official pov. Coincidence? Part of the ongoing hacker wars – you put down my website, I put down yours? Maybe.

Meanwhile, the Mayor of the town of Montauban, officially declared ineligible for office because of her fraudulent coverup of campaign expenses, still reigns and presides over municipal assemblies in that town.  At a recent Council meeting, one media rep (and local taxpayer) got tackled by two bouncers and two local policemen for the crime of filming the proceedings, as was his constitutional right. The youngest and most enthusiastic member of the local constabulary applied a stranglehold to the man (he was resisting eviction, you see).

Two other media types who tried to record the scene on their phones had their arms of massive information grabbed and thrown to the ground. Ah, open and democratic assemblies of City Councils – one of the pride and joys of open and  democratic societies.

(Yes, I cannot lie:  the lady inspires for a fictional Mayor in a fictional town. Upcoming in a scene I’m about to revise.)



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