Call this one a Kilroy Was Here

In Current reading, notes, Revision on November 27, 2014 at 7:56 pm

Some days feel more like weeks. This was one of them.

Uh… that’s it?

No, I’m feeding the dog, and having a bite to eat while getting my bearings. No earth-shattering events – other than the European Union raising questions about the barrage in Sivens. For this, a young man had to die? (When the French President did his TV number, I recall his saying  that, within eight days, we would have all the truth and nothing but on what happened the night Rémi Fraisse died.  I guess François Hollande’s days are more like weeks, too.)

Story. The odd business of reading Steinbeck and feeling right at home when it comes to attitudes of the settled, their lawmakers and peace keepers to outsiders. The Okies, by any other name…

Story. On to the next scene.


Is this the sorriest post I’ve ever put up on this blog? No, but it’s right down there with other page-holders of the same ilk.

Allez? For sure.


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