Alone again? Naturally

In Rejection, Revision, Sanford Meisner on November 22, 2014 at 7:01 pm

Five people showed up for the workshop. Finding the words that work best for each one. Work best i.e. push them out of their comfort zone without scaring them off too badly – at least, not in the first hour.

Then, coming home and dealing with one’s own comforts and discomforts.

Rejection. Regret. They need stating. Have as many rights to exist as do other emotions. Of interest: what happens once they’re out in the open. What opens out, once a logjam breaks up.

You thought someone cared. The person tells you to shove off. (A funny if cruel take on that theme in a short film where the girl wakes up, finds a sweet note from her boyfriend. Then another, asking her to wear her prettiest dress. Then, next to her coffee: a train ticket. At the door: a cab. She gets to the station; boards the train. As it pulls away, she sees her boyfriend standing there, and waving her good-bye.)


– I had the group write down a list of words describing emotions, he said.

– Yes? So?

– I’ll ask them to write something using those words.

– … excuse me, but if you’re bringing it up, it must mean you want my opinion. Wouldn’t it make more sense to have them use their imagination and write something that suggests that emotion, without using the word at all?

He hadn’t thought of that, so I guess he didn’t waste his afternoon. I know I didn’t waste mine.




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