What’s your hurry?

In Local projects, notes, Revision, Sanford Meisner on November 20, 2014 at 8:08 am

I’ll bring a few examples from various writers, plus a few small objects of my own. Dino Buzzati’s tale about the devilish man’s suit jacket will do fine as one possible way to treat the theme – if, instead of the jacket’s owner, the story were told from the jacket’s point of view. Hm. Please allow me to introduce myself: Giacca Stregata, recently from San Pellegrino.

An enamelled tin bowl from China. With a chip of enamel gone from the edge. How did it fall? When? Who dropped it? Why? A small coin purse with a busted zipper. An old lighter shaped like a coffee maker. Small things, easy to carry. Ah. Just thought of another but I’ll keep it as an ace up my sleeve, maybe.

The main problem with Saturday’s workshop isn’t the topic – I’m hired to get five or six people started on a short story. The only constraints: length (six to eight pages, double spaced). And theme: the story must be written from the point of view of an object. Should be fun. The problem is getting there and back. The bus only runs on weekdays. Working toward a solution on that one.

I should find loads of new inspiration for this workshop tomorrow when I visit the Muséum d’histoire naturelle in Gaillac. Change. As good as a rest? Hm… rest is good too. Is it age? Long-repressed natural tendencies toward sloth? Naps appeal to me, more and more. Siesta. Time out. (I keep this up, I’ll head straight back to bed. Words can do that to me: Look at this pendulum. Follow it with your eyes.  There. Slowly. With your eyes. Feel how heavy your lids are becoming. Drowsy. Droopy. You are feeling sleepy… So sleepy…)


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