Les enfants de Jules Verne

In Food, Fun, Games, Irish Mist, Local projects, notes, Revision, Sanford Meisner on November 17, 2014 at 8:14 am

A balloon that takes you around the world in eighty days, or even in five weeks. Pfeh. Get serious. Twenty miles up above the clouds, people. No medical required, way cheaper than the quarter million  bucks at Virgin Galactic and – and – are you ready? A bar onboard so you can get the extra kick from your favorite cocktail (or straight single-malt) while experiencing the emotional high, the World-View-All-Men-Are-Brothers effect. You can read all about it  here.

I can see it, too. The slow tears streaming down the hardened businessman’s face as he gazes down at the tiny bejeweled beauty of the little blue marble down there. He’ll inspire your workdays after that, boys and girls. Same as a certain Vice-Rector kept us enraptured at meetings upon her return from India. “It’s called cognitive dissonance,” one of her colleagues interrupted after a while. Broke the spell. She was back to normal in no time.

My favorite cognitive dissonance provided so far this morning comes from a Swiss website called 24 Matin (Le Bilan de l’actualité en 20 minutes si vous avez le temps). A typical headline? Ecologie: le cannibalisme sera autorisé pour réduire la production de viande. (Ecology: Cannibalism To Be Authorized To Reduce Meat Production). You read French? More right here:  http://24matin.ch

I don’t have time for this. I suppose that’s why I’m lingering here instead of Getting Things Done.

Get things done, Lucie.

Yes Ma’am.

And live truthfully in imaginary circumstances.



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