Narrative Breaks (II) – Notes on the way to something else

In Current reading, Hautvoir, Local projects, notes on November 14, 2014 at 8:19 am

A large cardboard box. Dewey Decimal System nowhere in evidence. Hand-written except for a few typed pages. No back-ups. Writing so powerful, all I did was listen, for the most part. One of the stories, unfinished. We worked on the spot where the writing stops. Sometimes, writing stops because what wanted saying got said, no need to say more. Other times, it stops because there’s a kind of knot in the writer’s words. Something left unsaid because the words don’t say what needs saying. Or because the inner boojum is turning the words against the writer. We talked about the unsaid, and different ways to deal with the inner boojum when handling life events that affected the psyche the way fragmentation bombs rearrange physical bodies.

Then, this morning, I read the pitiful words of a political figure attempting to pass the buck while denying doing so. Words fail. No comment. Some lapses do that to you: leave you speechless. I just picked out one short paragraph in the political figure’s… there, words failing me again. The man is so pitiful, you want to look away and let him walk off the stage of his own accord. I doubt he will. This ups the pitiful by several notches.

Meanwhile, back in the realm of powerful words: Lydie Salvayre, La compagnie des spectrewhich I borrowed at the médiathèque a few days ago, but only started reading yesterday. Apart from the fact I’m handwriting entire passages in a copy book – always a sign the words matter at every level for me – I love the fact I can open the book at any point, and fall straight into the text. I don’t know how the book reads in translation (The Company of Specters). In French, it makes me want to read French writers again.



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