All right/Not all right

In Rejection, Sanford Meisner on November 12, 2014 at 8:50 am

All right? Anything but. All right isn’t the point. All right is a thing you say. You nod. You say thanks and you go take your lumps elsewhere in a quiet way that won’t disturb other people’s lives.

That’s OK? Not true either. That’s OK is something else you say when it hurts like hell but them’s the breaks, etc.

Same category as: who cares. Or: what the hell. Or: thanks anyway. Or: thank you for your time and consideration. And all the rest of the socially-acceptable ways to accept rejection.

Not getting professional criticism and rejection mixed up with personal issues around self-worth and self-confidence: Sanford Meisner’s advice to aspiring actors. Also applicable to published and unpublished writers alike , particularly those whose work just does not make the standard. The kind that gets shunted aside – well, we all have our bees in the bonnet and good old aunt Lucy’s is writing. None of it is up to standards, you understand, but we all need our little dreams, don’t we?

Not all right. Not even close. Doesn’t matter? Of course it does. Deal with what doesn’t work, that’s all. Do the best you can with the things you can’t change.

And, yes, thanks anyway.



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