Nothing fancy, the energy’s needed elsewhere

In Irish Mist, Revision on November 8, 2014 at 8:38 am

My longest marches today will carry me (A) around the block with the dog, then (B) to the library with my laptop. Therein to find a quiet spot from where to move on with the revision and avoid misting people when the sneezing fits take hold. (Reason enough to cancel out on the singing group, this morning, especially since the sneezes refuse to settle into a clear beat and rhythm. Won’t do at all.)

A short place holder of a post, then. I’ll save the energy for the revision, now that yesterday’s session resolved issues such as varying lengths of hair on a character’s head and other bloopers of the same kind. Plus, a scribbled list of all the unresolved issues. Not that all of them will get resolved; most of them won’t, I bet. The question is: which ones must find some landing point before the writer says: ok, boys and girls, you’ll have to deal with the rest on your own. The writer can’t do anything more for any of you.

At which point, perhaps, the writer will be at liberty to move on to other stories or other ways to look at the unfinished ones.


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