as we go marching, marching …

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I’m something of a professional klutz when it comes to following instructions. I don’t know if the comment I posted on someone’s blog will appear there or not. Therefore, I’m posting this shot here DSCN5806as it reminds me of the gouache she posted on her own blog  here.

I forget who it was that said music made sense even when words didn’t – or something to that general effect. At any rate, words and music are much on my mind at the moment, in daily living and in story.


“All we wanted was a basketball hoop.”

At the Social Center, yesterday. Talking with a musician friend I hadn’t seen for a few days. Talking about events surrounding the death of a young botanist over here, and about his own childhood in a subsidized rent district.

For two years, they petitioned, requested, wrote polite letters wishing, hoping and praying for the basketball hoop. Two years later, when violence broke out  in the district over some silly thing, the media showed up for the beatings, the tear gas, the truncheons and the whole cavalcade.

The basketball hoop? What basketball hoop?


Jotted down some of the opening narrative in John Steinbeck’s East of Eden last night. The narrator’s description of the Salinas River reminded me of what I saw on Sunday at le Testet: a muddy trickle of a stream, made to seem naked, stupid and forlorn with all its greenery, and surrounding foliage stripped away.

This evening, the powers that be discuss what happens next with the dam project.

The writing of this blog, interrupted by a long phone call from another friend dealing with the administrative catastrophic blunders that love to land en masse on the low-lying areas i.e. the unemployed.

Allez. Meetings starting at noon today, and running for most of the afternoon.

  1. Without your blog, I would not have known about Rémi Fraisse and the recent events in France. Thank you for your comment on my blog and for posting the photo of the young person in a bird costume.

    Yes. Music makes sense when words do not.

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