A post to keep afloat

In A post to keep afloat, Local projects, Revision on October 14, 2014 at 6:42 am

What is there to say except: another day of playing Tag with the clock. The walking from one place to another takes up a lot of my time. But without enough time spent reading through the revision –  or even adding a word here and there – little of that walking time gets me back into story.

I’m not sure I want to keep the next part as long and detailed; only way to find out is to read through. Scheduled meetings, unscheduled ones, cancelled meetings, unexpected visits and phone calls. (The phone battery’s low = good news. I haven’t gotten used again to interruptions while I walk, other than people stopping me on the street for whatever reason.)

Yes, I could use these five minutes on story. Five minutes won’t do it.

Someone contacting me today to help me resolve some of the administrative hurdles – a new one dropped into my mailbox yesterday. The only good news on the admin and financial fronts: as frustrations grow, so does the need to use the energy. The biggest battles: against inertia caused by too many hurdles. The temptation to relax, sit back, let others do the thinking/planning/managing for you. Kvetch, here and there. Sit back some more.

Time. Greatest valuable of all.


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