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In Artists, Film, Local projects, Music, Revision, RLB trivia, Sanford Meisner on October 13, 2014 at 7:54 am

A friend, leaving for a two to four-year posting in Brazil. While he’s away, he wishes to lease his home to people he knows. Possibilities evoked before and after the “screen test” version of another friend’s film done in a small rural community of less than two thousand souls. One among the magnificent pieces of camera work: a long shot of traffic on the huge bridge high above the tiny stretch of unspoiled landscape. Old, new. Jarring contrasts. The compelling testimonial from a grand old man, born and raised on a local farm in a time when there was no other kind of farming than organic.

The notion of moving to another town seems like little more than a pipe dream, given my tighter-than-tight finances. Lots to do, at any rate, between moments of considering the practicalities involved; plus, others are thinking about it too.

More than an aspiration. A deep yearning to move on, in the physical and emotional sense . To move on and with those people who appreciate me for who I am now. People who could provide to my writing the same critical yet friendly eye three of us gave to this friend’s film yesterday afternoon. People who don’t think of me as the former this or the ex that. And who salute me by name.

The sky: cloudless at the moment. The air, crisp and clean. Story won’t get much attention today.

True, leaving this town would mean leaving some good friends and  local projects I love, such as the singing group. For now? Let the dough rise. See what comes of it. Get on with what is.


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