Past, Present, Future tenses, First, Second, Third person pov

In Revision on October 11, 2014 at 7:33 am

Having a hell of a time with this revision. To summarize:

first step involved splitting a piece of work into three separate pieces of fiction – some of the characters appearing in all three. Hence, significant presence of one female character whose role in the this story niggled at me all the way through the dinner I was sharing with friends last night.

Yesterday, I decided to take the last written scene and try it out as the first. Good. Fine. This brings up the question of where to do the jump-over from present to flashback, and how to handle the story in the flashbacks. Whose pov? To what purpose i.e. toward what build-up? Sounds simple? A writer’s supposed to know these things before starting out? Buy a map, read every How to Write a Novel book on the market?

Never mind. Back to the issues. The only ones that count. One: the characters. Two: technical questions about verb tense and first, second and third person pov.

More basic yet: what is it about this piece of fiction that’s making it such a struggle.


Like everything else at the moment, the Facebook experience is a huge muddle. Like walking through a crowded market place. More like a babel experience than a concerto or a symphony or a jam session. A prop hangar with no manager.


In comments posted to a Rolling Stones article by Paul Krugman concerning Obama’s presidential record: the reminder that the words “socialist” and “communist” trigger a knee-jerk reaction in several Americans. The same way the word “capitalist” triggers one in a number of Europeans. Make your way across the stream while the mud flies. Do the best you can, in real life and in fiction.


Humor: the ultimate prize in the exercise. My take on what’s funny and wonder-inducing in the whole mess. Lest I forget.


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