Nothing important

In Animals, Artists, Circus, Food, Fun, Games, Irish Mist, Local projects, Music, Poetry, Revision, RLB trivia, Sanford Meisner, TV on October 8, 2014 at 5:18 am

In short order behind the crane yesterday: a gaggle of assorted birds in haphazard formations. Followed by a military helicopter that hovered over the town all morning. The kids at one of the local schools had a wonderful time of it: armed gendarmes protected them and the class schedule was disrupted. Many excited faces on the street too: something happening in town! Something happening!

As best I know, the attempted armed robbery failed. This is a small town. One armed attempt at robbing a bank disrupts everything. Meanwhile, unarmed people of little means circle up, down and sideways to avoid police barricades, and attempt to get some work done.

On Facebook, a vibrant TV testimonial by a union delegate to the hardships of workers and unemployed alike. Reps from sundry political parties listen to her with rapt attention – you can almost hear their brains clicking away at how best to use her words for their agenda.

In unreported local news – what’s to report? – an old woman mugged and robbed of the contents of her purse i.e. fifteen euro. The muggers waited until she’d unlocked her door. Knocked her down. One of them placed his foot on her nape and told her he’d step on it if she dared look at them. What can we do without a description, she was told when she recovered enough to report the incident. Indeed. Without a description, what can you do?

And so on. Let the good times roll.

Struggling to finish a story while dealing with the complicated maze – unpaid work, hours and hours spent getting to and from unpaid meetings or figuring out how to get paid for those jobs where money is part of the deal. Making time to laugh and joke through it all. It’s that or blowing a gasket, or turning into a hollow-eyed zombie.

Nothing important, my friends. Nothing but the lives and times of millions upon millions of people you’ll never hear about on your favorite shows – or, if you do, they’ll be actors and you won’t want to know what happens to them outside their thirty seconds on camera.


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