I’m late, I’m late for very important dates

In Artists, Circus, Irish Mist, Local projects, Music, Revision, The Art of Peace on September 30, 2014 at 8:20 am

Oy I have no time for this. Watching and enjoying a Bobby McFerrin vid at the moment (MozART GROUP and Bobby McFerrin), while time flies, a friend sends an urgent message from the place where she and others are getting tear-gassed, and I have coaching sessions, meetings, and and and…)


At some point this evening, I’ll start reading through from the top again after which I think I’ll call this one: Done. (No, that won’t be the title but the general status of the thing.)

(The Art of Peace? Ain’t easy but on one of the videos done on the deforestation site, one guy has it down pretty well. He films, comments, and talks to the gendarmes as individuals ‘oh yeah, there you are, hi, saw you last night, oh hey, you, thanks for playing soft with the truncheon, well done’ and so on. Well done, guy, well done.)


Back home before taking off again. You don’t need to understand French to watch vids. Best I can say: they check the inside of the tents before burning them. Hurray for civilization.

That said: the extreme right wing represented by the Front National now has elected officials in several French towns, at the National Assembly and, now, in the Senate also.

Someone looked up this blog from Austria this morning. Among the still-living, I suppose there are fewer and fewer people to know about the days of the First Austrian Republic, the one then-Chancellor Dollfuss ended with a “self-switch-off of Parliament.” Look it up on wikipedia : Austria – the section titled Interwar period and World War II. Not as a way to freak yourself into panic and paralysis. As a reminder.

And then?

Keep singing. Keep dancing. Keep laughing? You bet. More than ever.


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