Winging, adjusting

In Irish Mist, Local projects, Revision, Theater on September 27, 2014 at 5:49 am

No idea how this will go. I have some idea of what “works”  in coaching children or teen-agers – one or two at a time. The knowledge has grown through experience. I find working with adults much harder. As for the mindset – head first i.e. give us theory, lots and lots of theory: I tend to agree with a person who posted a photo of herself as she practiced walking a slack line. Try it, get the feel of it in your body. Theory will follow practice.

However. Grown-ups need that reassurance. They need to feel those long years spent doing homework and learning the dates of historical happenings were not wasted. So, I’ve pulled together a few examples from the French theater tradition, in case they’re needed at the workshop this morning. My inclination is more to finding out who the participants are, what they like, what they resist like the latest plague, what makes them laugh and lose their worry lines for a few seconds, and take the matter from there. We’ll see.

The theme of the workshop: writing for the theater. Aimed at non-professionals and non-writers who will read their work on December 20th. Part of a series of free workshops offered by the regional library system. Getting there by bus (the only one that runs to Gaillac from Graulhet on Saturdays). A friend offered to pick me up in the early afternoon so I don’t have to wait for the only bus back to Graulhet at six thirty.

The bus leaves in 57 minutes. Therefore, here ends today’s blogpost. I hope to meet up with my characters again this afternoon.


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