Enough already

In Irish Mist, Local projects, Revision, Sanford Meisner on September 25, 2014 at 7:47 am

Months? No, years of ” selective spamming” on this blog. What nobody else can see doesn’t exist? Same as a falling tree makes no sound if there’s no one around to hear it?

Bullshit. Back-handed, under-handed stuff happens all the time. Someone speaks out; the info doesn’t get relayed. Another protests or records a protest on camera? The bit of film disappears. A matter deserving an answer? The question gets treated as if it threatened the Security of Nations. Why? Because somebody’s nose is out of joint at the notion photo ops don’t always lead to smiles and applause.

Of course, over here on this stupid little platform by a silly old woman, selective spamming only means extra aggravation for a silly old woman. Except I happen to be the silly old woman, so spammers rejoice. Added to the other aggravations? Your careful bits of needling work. Yes, they annoy. Yes, they add extra challenges to fairly-challenging times. I do not thank you for the additional annoyances. Don’t worry: I don’t expect any sympathy from spammers. (The pinch and the ouch, right? ha-ha-ha.)

Onward, as best I can.

  1. Just so you know: everyone gets spammed. The WP spam filter used to work quite well, but something must have broken down recently because I get at least 2-3 notification each day from spammers now, but at least my settings are such that I get to approve comments before they get posted, so of course I delete them before they ever get onto the blog. Very annoying for sure, but part of the cost of doing business, so to speak. In sympathty, xx i.

    • maybe so, Ilana, maybe so. Some days, the load of aggravations, both great and small, leaves me with the choice of imploding or exploding. In words. Frustrated energy has to go somewhere.

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