In Animals, Artists, Food, Irish Mist, Local projects, Music, Revision, Sanford Meisner on September 20, 2014 at 7:48 am

The hunger strikers: still on strike – some of them, since August 27th. In other – related – local news, a thousand small farm holders converged by tractor on Albi and dumped manure on the steps of the Préfecture. This should require a bit more of a clean-up than the two or three potted plants destroyed the other day when the gendarmes flung protesters down the stairs. (Interesting, that: great indignation expressed over the potted plants but suggestions by anonymous commentators to bury the protesters alive. The commentator must have typed that  in a moment of unreasoning anger, no doubt).

These days, when unreasoning anger strikes me, I do my damnedest to recycle the emotion.  Why waste all that fine energy on a mindless comment when you can use it as prep for one of the characters in fiction? True, said fiction may never find grace in the eyes of anyone but that’s not the point. Regrets last longer than spurts of anger. So do memorable bits of fiction – one way or another.

So. Anger at the powers-that-be. Voices raised, tear gas, “non-lethal” bullets fired on bare-chested humans by other humans protected by robocop-type exoskeletons. So much for background to the day. (Things were better in dreamland – reason enough to shut off the lights, open the windows to the night air, pull up the comforter and – whoosh! begone.)

Third weekend in September: overbooked with events, always. My writing workshop, lost in the fray again. One way or another, I’ll use the quiet time over at Volubilo. Choir practice this morning will provide all the noise and human contact required.

Sustainable. On the long run. Repeat after me: sustainable.



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