What else is new?

In Animals, Film, Games, Irish Mist, Local projects, Poetry on September 13, 2014 at 7:28 am

A familiar place. An uncomfortable one. Shut up, keep your nose clean and your head down? Speak up and take the flak? You don’t have all the facts, some of the pros are right, some of the cons are idiots, save your energy, don’t make waves, etc.

At the film coop Le Hamac Rouge, we went through the scheduled agenda last night. Among other issues, we discussed how best we could help one of our colleagues recoup her rights and her original material on the film A Ciel Ouvert, a documentary she filmed on an open pit mining operation in a little-known part of Argentina – Salinas Grandes.  When it comes to exploitation, as Louise Erdrich said: “Indigeneous people are in the front lines because our lands are remote , vulnerable, and often energy rich.”

The irony, not lost on me and the others, while some friends, buddies (plus a few hot heads I can’t stomach) get truncheoned, tear-gased and trampled for attempting to stop deforestation on a section of local wetland. As usual, the hot heads are a blessing for the authorities who can point at them and say: See? You don’t want them running around in your living room next, do you?

All so familiar. The one who squawks takes the blame. The one who pinched and caused the howling? Sweet as pie, smooth as silk. Teacher’s pet, mommy’s sweetheart. Up for a seat as Class President or – hey – why not the French Senate?

Yes. Meanwhile. Take care of the dog (she caught some bug, she’s on expensive antibiotics, something about the meds affecting her bladder and her sense of balance). Receive a boy and a parent at ten a.m. The boy is a boyish boy. The parent wishes the boyish boy to be boyish and studious. I’m supposed to prescribe appropriate remedies to the boyishness and accentuate the studiousness. No further comment on that score.

Plus translations for one friend, copy editing for another. Oh yes, and my revision, of course.

What else is new? Poems by Jim Harrison I hadn’t read before yesterday. Providing lots of inspiration for one of the characters in story. You’ll find some of them here.


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